About Dreams Unlocked Jewelry

Being a home business wife of a full time working Statistics Engineer, I know how demanding everyday life can get at times. During my path in life I've experienced lots of stressful and overwhelming moments and with time, trying to live up to everybody else's expectations got less and less easy for us. I started thinking about what really mattered, what really sparked me and what made me happy. I wanted to unlock my dreams, my positive self, my self confidence, and find the carefree child in me again.....

This is what I hope my handmade enchanting Fantasy jewelry will give you, too; the feeling that you are perfect as you are, unlocking your enchanting dreams and fantasies, holding the key to your heart and giving it to only those who are worthy of it, getting positive energy and find the carefree child in your heart!

I've been designing, making and selling jewelry since 2008.